Learning To Throw Takes Practice and Repetition…

When learning the shot put and the discus throw, you can’t just practice it for a couple days and then forget about it.

You need to review this information over and over again. The more you practice and watch our throws coaching videos (Arete Throws Nation TV), the more you’re going to learn.

Sure, you can watch a video just once and learn something

… but when you watch it five times, you’re going to learn something new… every time you watch it.

…. and if you watch it 20 times, you’re going to have a truly great understanding of the concepts being taught in that video!

My Story about ‘Taking the Time to Watch’

I remember back in the day, I was what you’d call a “technically-obsessed” individual.

I used to watch VHS tapes for hours on end, using the slo-mo feature. You could frame it, rewind it, and it was all grainy and super old-school… but it was really effective for me.

One of the first videos I ever bought was Gold Metal Discus by Matt Wilkins;  a 45-50 minute video on how to throw a discus.

I laugh just thinking about all the time I spent watching that same video.

It was good!

I must have watched it no less than 100 times—and that’s no exaggeration!

The important thing is that every time I watched it- over and over and over-  I tried to see if I could glean something new out of it… and I did.

Years later, I’d got to meet and work with Matt Wilkins, and then I learned even more.

With the TCR® System, we’ve created a valuable resource that’s meant to be utilized again and again.

So, with that being said, check out the video below….

… watch it once, then again and see watch new info pops out.

Tomorrow, watch this video again, and I bet you pick up something new again!

The moral of the story is that just like learning a language, there is no shortcut.

You’ve got to put in the time, and learn the right way.

That’s why helping young athletes develop is our ultimate goal – and better than that, we want to improve the sport across the board too!

Throw Far,

Coach Johnson