Well its Thursday.

After last week’s trip to Utah, I got one day of rest, then it was back to work on Monday…

Did you watch the National Championship football game? … Wow! What a game!

 If you are a Clemson fan, you have to be pumped, and if you like college football, that was a fun game to watch. Congrats to Clemson! Outstanding fight to the end!

At ATN here in Phoenix, we’ve been lifting and throwing, and hopefully you have been too.I wanted to touch base on the importance of core and posture in your training.

So many things are impossible without the body doing what its supposed to.This is part of the TCR™ system…

…. if the body is misaligned, you are working against yourself, and results take longer for both Coach and Thrower.

I bring this up because last week, when I was in Utah, I was coaching a thrower by the name of Stevo Campbell.  He is a very big, strong kid- about 6’2″/ 275lb Junior in HS and although he is as strong as an ox, he has posture limitations.

Stevo has a solid bench, a 400# plus squat, but he can’t apply all this strength in the throw.


Strength Imbalances.

He’s strong, but out of balance.

Stevo has come to Southern Cal, and to Phoenix over the last few years, and his dad is an online member studying and using the TCR™ system.

They’ve made a lot of progress, and his movement in both the discus and shot is much better, but his posture issues limit his ability to move in the optimal positions, and this is the root of his technical challenges.

On my final day in Utah, I shot a little video in a dimly lit gym, at Hurricane HS. In this video I addressed Stevo’s flexibility; flexibility issues are often a byproduct of strength imbalances.

So focusing on this, we did some simple tests…

…  he has limitations that limit his pillar 2 ability and with those limitations he has some technical compensation that limit his throw.

As I talked to his dad/coach, I said ” Until we attack these issues, its gonna be difficult to hit the right positions. He’s trying to do it right, but his body won’t allow it”.

Take a peak into this 5 min video of our training and check it out.

Optimize the structure and throw Far!!

Coach Johnson