Don’t Fall For The Pure Strength Trap

By Coach Erik Johnson

Success in the Rotational Shot Put, Glide Shot, and the Discus throw,  will come down to a carefully designed strength-training program that pairs seamlessly

with an equally solid, technique focused, throws training program…. like the TCR® system 😉

weight training for shot put and discus throwsAn Arete® Nation secret weapon, that has contributed to our consistent increases in athletic performance from our TCR® members & athletes in our throws club, is very specific strength training program that is designed entirely for throwers….

…too many strength training programs out there are designed poorly,

and as a result, come up short on overall sports performance.

First, many strength programs assume that the athlete is 100% functional,

and second, they don’t take into account posture inefficiencies.

Rebalancing posture is a simple, but powerful process for addressing gross posture issues.

If a thrower’s body is out of alignment, it will

  • create limitations in his ability to perform lifts and other exercises correctly,
  • which limits the athlete’s ability to gain the proper strength levels needed in the sport
  • which limits the athlete’s ability to perform the key TCR throws drills for huge results
  • and all of these limitations are directly linked to how the thrower will perform in the ring due to the strength level deficits.

… yup, it’s just another chain reaction, except this time it is a strength chain reaction!

Posture analysis and diagnosis is a core process in the ATN® strength training system.

Addressing imbalances routinely takes very average kids and make them good throwers,

turns our good throwers into elites, and produces good collegiate throwers into top pros- EVERY DAMN TIME!

Posture rebalancing for shot putters and discus throwers is a key part to understanding

  • how to design the athlete’s program,
  • how to plan the the training cycles,
  • and it assists you to better to understand what will interfere with your athlete’s ability to move dynamically.

The challenge throw coaches face is choosing the right lifts

and strength exercises that produce better throwers.  

Don’t make the mistake of falling for the pure strength trap.

Throwers are athletes that need to develop dynamic strength.

Pure strength like power lifting does little to improve a thrower’s ability to throw far.

We get the allure of big numbers in the weight room, but the science of developing strength that translates

to big throws, requires a much more thorough understanding of the Annual Training Cycle and most

important how to set up a periodized program that has throwers throwing their best when it matter most.

It’s important to learn how to utilize the principles of block periodization to create the most effective annual

and in-season competition training cycle. It’s the job of the throws coach to create multiple peaking windows

rather than a single peak.

To achieve real results, you’ll need to learn how to design a strength training program for throwers

and how to design the 3 training blocks: Size, Strength & Competition Speed, 

and create the 3 peaks in the track and field season: beginning, middle, and championship phase